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Breaking Ground: CD Projekt Red Launches Project Orion, a New Cyberpunk Endeavor

After extensive efforts on Cyberpunk 2077, it appears that the development process for the game has largely concluded. Consequently, the CD Projekt Red development team has set their sights on a new venture. According to reports from two team members, the work on Project Orion has officially commenced.

Years after the tumultuous release of Cyberpunk 2077, the title has finally reached the quality fans yearned for, thanks to last year’s Update 2.0. Captivating the community, the highly anticipated Phantom Liberty DLC was released soon after.

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A New Horizon for Cyberpunk Developers

The CD Projekt Red Cyberpunk team is venturing into uncharted territory as they embark on the development of the much-anticipated Project Orion.

CD Projekt Red Launches Project Orion, a New Cyberpunk Endeavor (1)

But what exactly is Project Orion? In October 2022, CD Projekt Red provided a glimpse into their internal pipeline. Revealing a new Cyberpunk game, CD Projekt Red unveiled a project codenamed Orion, alongside a completely new IP and several Witcher projects. A newly established studio in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, is spearheading the project.

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The Intrigue Surrounding Project Orion

Narrative Director Igor Sarzyński and Quest Director Pawel Sasko, both integral members of CD Projekt Red, have recently tweeted about their arrival in Boston, unveiling that the starting gun has been fired for Project Orion. Sarah Gruemmer, known for crafting Judy’s compelling questline, joins them as an Expert Quest Designer.

The atmosphere is buzzing with enthusiasm as the team in Boston gears up to work on this fresh Cyberpunk project. The coming months promise exciting updates and insights into their creative journey.

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