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AMD Reveals New Ryzen 8000G Desktop Processors: Integrated NPU and High-Performance Graphics

Las Vegas, January 9, 2024 (TechToday) – Today’s AMD conference in Las Vegas spotlighted its latest range of desktop processors – the Ryzen 8000G series. Despite their nomenclature, these chips mark an intriguing evolution of the Zen 4 architecture, now incorporating NPU units to expedite AI processing, alongside a genuinely powerful GPU.

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Fusion of Ryzen 7000 Desktop and Ryzen 8000 Laptop Processors

A natural outcome of merging the Ryzen 7000 desktop processors with the newer Ryzen 8000 laptop series, the Ryzen 8000G processors offer up to eight general processing cores and an integrated R780M graphics unit with 12 Compute Units in its most potent model, the Ryzen 7 870G. Remarkably, all these advancements maintain a 65W TDP across the lineup.

The family structure, as evident from AMD’s official charts, appears comprehensive. Notably, only the top-tier chips integrate an NPU. Additionally, the two more budget-friendly chips (and consequently lower in performance) uniquely blend Zen 4 cores with Zen 4c – smaller yet more efficient cores

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Power-Packed Integrated GPU and Productivity Potential

The most intriguing aspect of these APUs lies in the integrated GPU’s capability, potentially eliminating the need for a discrete graphics card for Full HD gaming at reduced detail levels. Surprisingly, titles like Cyberpunk 2077 not only become accessible but run at 60 FPS. Moreover, they seem promising for productivity tasks, boasting commendable scores in PCMark benchmarks.

AMD Ryzen 8000G
AMD Ryzen 8000G

The new Ryzen 8000G processors are set for release in the first quarter, with the Ryzen 3 seemingly exclusive to equipment manufacturers.

AMD’s Additional Announcement: Ryzen 5000 Series

In a parallel announcement, AMD introduced the Ryzen 5000 series, based on Zen 3 and compatible with the AM4 socket. Positioned as a budget-friendly choice within the mid-range segment, the top-tier model offers eight cores, 16 processing threads, 3D V-Cache technology, and Radeon Vega 7 graphics. While the changes are subtle (the longevity of Vega is indeed surprising), they present an intriguing option for those seeking to upgrade an AM4 board with something newer and more robust.

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The new Ryzen 5000 processors will hit the market starting January 31st.

Model Cores/Threads Boost/ Base Frequency Total Cache TDP NPU Price
AMD Ryzen 7 8700 G 8C/16T 5.1GHz/4.2GHz 24MB 65W Yes $329
AMD Ryzen 5 8600 G 6C/12T 5.0GHz/4.3GHz 22MB 65W Yes $229
AMD Ryzen 5 8500 G 6C/12T 5.0GHz/3.5GHz 22MB 65W N/A $179
AMD Ryzen 3 8300 G 4C/8T 4.9GHz/3.4GHz 12MB 65W N/A N/A


Model Cores/Threads Boost/ Base Frequency Total Cache TDP NPU Price
AMD Ryzen 7 5700X3D 8C/16T 4.1GHz/3.0GHz 100MB 105W N/A $249
AMD Ryzen 5700 8C/16T 4.6GHz/3.7GHz 20MB 65W N/A $175
AMD Ryzen 5 5600GT 6C/12T 4.6GHz/3.6GHz 19MB 65W N/A $140
AMD Ryzen 5 5500GT 6C/12T 4.4GHz/3.6GHz 19MB 65W N/A $125

Source: (AnandTech)

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