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Samsung’s 2024 Promise: 20% Brighter OLED TVs and a Chip Multiplying Neural Networks by Eight

Samsung’s third-generation OLED televisions are on the horizon. The company has just unveiled some of their most pertinent features at CES, though detailed specifications are yet to be revealed. The lineup for 2024 will introduce three QD-OLED panel TVs: the flagship organic matrix TV, the S95D; the S90D; and finally, the S85D, available in sizes ranging from 48 to 83 inches.

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The most ambitious among them, the S95D, is purportedly capable of delivering 20% more brightness than its predecessor, the S95C. This suggests a different QD-OLED panel from the second-generation matrices launched in 2023. But that’s not all. Samsung has also confirmed that their forthcoming OLED TVs rely on unprecedented AI-based image processing. This enhances color reproduction accuracy, an aspect we’re eager to examine firsthand.

Samsung unveiled the latest innovation: they incorporated a new coating named ‘OLED Glare Free’ for these OLED TVs. This feature not only diminishes reflections but also preserves color accuracy, as per Samsung’s claims. The S95D will boast a panel capable of operating at a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz. This is a highly appealing feature for gaming enthusiasts and sports content aficionados alike. It’s shaping up to be quite promising.

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NQ8 IA Gen 3 Image Processor Arrives in 2024’s Flagship Neo QLED 8K TV

The flagship model of Samsung’s 2024 Neo QLED 8K family is the QN900D. It will feature a significant addition: the incorporation of the new NQ8 IA Gen 3 image processor. According to Samsung, this chip relies on a neural processing unit (NPU) twice as fast as its predecessor, the Neo QLED QN900C 8K. Moreover, the number of neural networks it operates with has surged from 64 to 512. This improvement in theory should enable the TV to achieve higher detail levels. We’re eager to extensively test its capability to upscale to 8K with unprecedented precision.

Samsung's 2024 Promise 20% Brighter OLED TVs and a Chip Multiplying Neural Networks by Eight (1)

The NQ8 IA Gen 3 processor will also introduce a new motion management algorithm specifically designed to reduce distortion of fast-moving objects during sports content playback. But the innovations extend beyond the TVs’ hardware alone. The QN900D model is sleeker than its forerunner. In fact, the 65-inch version will boast a thickness of only 12.9 mm, and the pedestal’s design aims, according to Samsung, to give users the feeling of a floating panel.

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Samsung’s 2024 TV Recipe Includes Micro LED TVs

One of Samsung’s highlights for 2024 lies in its micro-LED TVs. Currently, the only revealed detail about these devices equipped with an inorganic self-emissive matrix is the arrival of a completely transparent micro-LED TV this year.

The TVs will feature a modular design, similar to other Samsung models. This allows flexible adjustments in size and aspect ratio to match user needs. While the micro-LED technology sounds promising, the price of this transparent TV will likely position it within the reach of only a select few image enthusiasts.

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