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Secret Feature To Enhance PS5 Sound: Hardly Any Players Use It

Great graphics are fantastic, but they’re not everything. To make the whole experience perfect, the sound has to be just right. Sony offers a handy PS5 feature that aims to provide a surround sound experience even with your TV’s built-in speakers. But it doesn’t work for everyone.

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PS5 Feature: 3D Audio for TV Speakers

The PS5 already excels in visuals with 4K resolution, HDR, and 120 Hz. However, when bullets fly and grenades explode on screen, the sound must match.

Does the PS5 3D Audio for TV speakers sounds hollow and muddy for anyone else?
byu/Renton577 inplaystation

While a proper sound setup is usually necessary for the audio to complement the visuals, those using only their TV’s built-in speakers might squeeze a bit more surround feeling from their TV using the PS5.

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In the PS5’s sound settings, there’s an option to set up 3D Audio for TV speakers. You can find this setting under ‘Settings’ → ‘Sound’ → ‘3D Audio for TV speakers.’

To make it work properly, you should ensure minimal background noise during setup. Grab your PS5 controller, activate its built-in microphone, sit where you usually play, and start the process.

Your TV will play several sound clips, recorded by your PS5 controller. Based on these recordings, the sound playback is adjusted to seem more spatial. After setup, you can test-switch between 3D Audio and regular stereo sound to compare them.

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PS5 Players Report: 3D Audio Doesn’t Always Sound Better

Should everyone using TV speakers rush to activate 3D Audio blindly? No. Many players in various forums find the PS5’s 3D Audio soundstage worse compared to regular stereo, using terms like ‘tinny’ or ‘muffled.

As with many things in life, audio preference is subjective. Some players may not fancy the PS5’s 3D Audio mix, while others find it notably better.

What PS5 players should note: Avoid using the 3D Audio function for TV speakers if you already have a soundbar—it’s not designed for that. However, you can still give it a try.

By the way: The PS5 also offers the same feature for headsets. This might be worth a shot if you want to add a bit more spatial sound to your stereo headset.”

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