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Verizon’s Exclusive Holiday Offer: Free Xbox Series X with Internet Plans

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Amidst the festive season, Verizon has unveiled an incredible deal: a complimentary Xbox Series X upon subscribing to one of its residential internet plans. Adding allure to this offer, alongside the console, comes a $200 Amazon gift card, making it an irresistible promotion.

The Deadline Looms: Seize the Last Chance Today

For those yet to partake in this exclusive offer, it’s pivotal to note that it concludes today, on January 3rd. This stands as the final opportunity to secure one of the most coveted deals of 2023, extending into 2024.

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Securing the Free Xbox Series X

Acquiring the Xbox Series X, typically valued at $499.99 when bought separately, necessitates enrollment in one of Verizon’s residential internet plans, maintaining the subscription for 180 days (roughly 6 months). Upon meeting this requirement, the Xbox Series X becomes yours, essentially at the cost of the selected internet plan. Verizon estimates the console’s delivery within about 6 weeks post-redemption.

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Specific Terms and Conditions from Verizon’s Website

Outlined on Verizon’s website are the specific terms of the agreement:

  • Offer valid until 3.1.24. Activation or installation of Verizon’s eligible Residential Internet service is mandatory, with redemption within 60 days from this or by a maximum of 4.3.24, whichever comes first.
  • Delivery of the Xbox Series X may take up to 6 weeks.
  • Verizon reserves the right to charge for the promotional Microsoft device if the eligible service is canceled within 180 days.
  • One console per order, while supplies last.
  • One offer per qualifying Verizon account.


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Eligible Verizon Residential Internet Plans

Eligibility for this promotion is contingent on your address. Verizon offers 5G Home, LTE Home, and Fios internet plans, each with specific qualifying criteria. To ascertain which plan grants the free Xbox, visit Verizon’s website and input your address. In my case, the LTE Home Plus plan was requisite for obtaining the complimentary Xbox and the $200 Amazon gift card.

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Inclusive Offer for All, Extra Benefits for Current Verizon Client

This promotion welcomes everyone, regardless of their current status as a Verizon customer or not. However, existing Verizon customers are entitled to additional discounts on selected internet plans. As exemplified, my qualifying Verizon line offered a significant reduction in the monthly fee. Instead of $80/month for LTE Home Plus, a discount was extended to $45/month.

A Last Call to Action

Emphasizing once more, the promotion culminates today. Hence, for those aiming to capitalize on the free Xbox Series X and a $200 Amazon gift card, swift action is imperative. Depending on the chosen internet plan, you might end up paying just a few hundred dollars for Verizon internet while receiving a gaming console worth $500 and a $200 Amazon gift card.

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