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Grab Your Free Game at Epic Games Store Before the Countdown Ends

As the holiday season fades into a distant memory, the Epic Games Store keeps the festive spirit alive, offering a daily treat akin to unlocking a fresh advent calendar surprise. Until January 4th, the Steam competitor delights users by unveiling a daily free game. This gift seamlessly becomes a permanent addition to your gaming library. But heed this: to claim these gifts, one must act swiftly. The current offering only holds until 5 PM each day – making the present selection available for just a few more fleeting hours.

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Epic Games Store Unveils Escape Academy

The latest gift in the Epic Games Store might be the perfect remedy for those needing an escape from the post-holiday routine. As the new year brings forth work commitments, it offers a reprieve. Enter Escape Academy, where you’ll learn the art of breaking free from locked rooms and conquering the most devious puzzles. It’s an opportunity to taste the sweet nectar of freedom once more.

Grab Your Free Game at Epic Games Store Before the Countdown Ends Escape Academy

This first-person puzzler invites you, either solo or with a friend, to the eponymous Escape Academy. Here, acquaint yourselves with the faculty members. Through practical lessons, acquire the skills to navigate seemingly impassable situations. After an education at the Escape Academy, no walls—regardless of their composition—will hinder you. Whether through cunning hacking techniques or sheer force using a chainsaw, you’ll overcome any barrier.

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To permanently enjoy this fleeting puzzle experience, ensure it’s snugly nestled in your library by 5 PM today. Once the deadline lapses, the spotlight shifts to the next complimentary game, its identity revealed only at 5 PM. Meanwhile, take a sneak peek at the upcoming games that our editorial team is eagerly anticipating in 2024.

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