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Baldur’s Gate 3: Larian Studios Guides Users Facing Save Losses on Xbox

In the gaming sphere, Baldur’s Gate 3, a standout success in 2023, has stirred discontent among players on Xbox Series X|S due to a persistent bug resulting in the loss of their saves. This unresolved issue has prompted Larian Studios to step forth—leveraging their platform to assist players, offering a workaround to tackle this vexing error.

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Root Cause: Firmware Glitch

Larian Studios attributes the save losses to a firmware-related hiccup. Both the game’s development teams and Microsoft are actively engaged in resolving this predicament. However, the ongoing holiday period has somewhat restrained their workforce.

Proposed Solution: Step-by-Step Backup Procedure

To assuage the gamers’ woes, the studio has unveiled a step-by-step procedure for automatically uploading the latest five saves onto their server infrastructure:

  • Create a Larian Account: Begin by establishing a Larian account at
  • Navigate the Options Menu: Within the main menu of the game, access the options tab. Enable cross-saving within the game, linking your Larian and Xbox accounts.
  • Automated Upload: Larian’s servers will seamlessly upload your five most recent saves. It’s imperative not to exit the game until the upload process concludes. Look for the absence of the message “Syncing save to the cloud” to indicate completion.
  • Addressing Firmware Bugs: Should the firmware glitch manifest, reactivate the cross-saving feature within the options menu. This will grant access to the successfully uploaded saved games.

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Larian Studios intends to expand their capability, accommodating more saved games on their servers soon.

Closing Statements

The Studio’s communication culminated with a heartfelt acknowledgment from Larian, expressing comprehension of the frustration and unacceptability associated with losing saved games in Baldur’s Gate 3. They reassured the community of their commitment, vowing to rectify this bug with utmost urgency.

This conscientious effort by Larian Studios serves not only as a pragmatic solution but also as a testament to their dedication towards ensuring an optimal gaming experience for the Baldur’s Gate 3 enthusiasts on Xbox consoles.

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