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NVIDIA: Jensen Huang Defends That CUDA Architecture Will Not Be Eliminated by AI

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CEO of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, staunchly defended the significance of CUDA architectures at a recent event hosted by the Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association (CASPA). This stance is a direct response to recent comments made by Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger. He shared his thoughts regarding the future of CUDA in the market.

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Firm Support Amidst AI Industry Pressure

Huang firmly believes the AI industry aims to oust CUDA from the market. However, he passionately took a stand in support of the architecture, emphasizing its pivotal role in shaping the future of NVIDIA’s technology. Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply an obstinate stance from the company.

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Evolving Role of GPUs in AI: Huang’s Vision

During Huang’s address, he highlighted the transformation of graphics cards from specialized graphic chips to pivotal components in AI applications. He envisions a promising future for this hardware paradigm shift, suggesting a pivotal evolution in their functionality. The event also delved into questioning the architecture’s dominance within the AI hardware industry.

GPU Adaptability and NVIDIA’s Future Leadership

Huang responded to queries, emphasizing the adaptability of GPUs. He cited their capability to cater to diverse usage scenarios and human needs.Moreover, he assured that NVIDIA is poised to maintain its leadership position in the future, leaving no room for its competitors.

However, Huang iterated that NVIDIA wouldn’t battle against reality. If the industry genuinely seeks to move past CUDA, the company is ready to embrace change instead of staunchly resisting it.

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NVIDIA’s Upcoming Offerings

Other NVIDIA-related news reveals glimpses into potential RTX 40 Super models by Gigabyte and MSI. Additionally, rumors suggest the impending launch date of the RTX 3050, featuring 6GB of VRAM in the upcoming year.

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