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iPhone 16: All Vital Rumors and Leaks About the New Apple Phone

For those eagerly anticipating the forthcoming iPhone 16, beware – spoilers ahead. While not all speculations may prove true, history shows that a considerable portion of iPhone leaks tend to align with reality. Hence, consider this a preliminary cautionary note.

Two Versions of Apple’s iPhone 16 to be Significantly Larger

Similar to the iPhone 15, the iPhone 16 is anticipated to launch in four new models. Excitingly, this includes the standard iPhone 16 featuring a 6.1-inch display and the larger iPhone 16 Plus boasting a 6.7-inch screen. Both screen sizes and likely the dimensions of the casing appear to remain relatively unchanged.

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Diverging from the norm are the two Pro models. Both the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will sport larger screens. Specifically, rumors suggest the standard Pro model will house a 6.3-inch display, while the Pro Max might flaunt a 6.9-inch screen. Consequently, the casing will slightly expand by a few millimeters, marking the most conspicuous alteration in several years.

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Innovations in the Keys

The iPhone 16 will see innovations in its keys. In 2024, expectations are that the Pro models will finally integrate the long-awaited Solid-State Buttons for volume control. Instead of physical buttons, these will be sensor fields. They simulate key presses through the Taptic Engine, akin to the earlier iPhone’s Home button or the current MacBook trackpad. Initially, they anticipated this technology for the iPhone 15.

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New to the iPhone 16: All model variants will feature a revamped Action Button. Introduced initially with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, it replaces the existing mute switch and can be programmed for various functions. By 2024, projections suggest the new Action Button will become pressure-sensitive, departing from the conventional concept of a “physical” button.

Additionally, Apple is reportedly adding another separate button to all iPhone 16 models. Currently dubbed the “Capture Button,” its function related to the camera remains unconfirmed.

New Chips and Camera-Tuning for iPhone 16

Confirmed upgrades are coming for the iPhone 16’s chips. All variants will receive processors utilizing the latest 3-nanometer design. However, it remains unclear whether the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will feature a light version of the A17 Pro chip or if Apple will market this chip as the A18. What’s certain is that only the Pro models will access the best and fastest chip (potentially an A18 Pro).

Anticipations also foresee improvements in the camera setup. The iPhone 16 Pro might make the most significant leap by adopting the Tetraprisma lens from the iPhone 15 Pro Max, enabling a 5x optical zoom (equivalent to 120mm).The iPhone 16 Pro Max might go a step further, with rumors suggesting a “Super-Periscope,” potentially offering a focal length of up to 300mm.

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The two standard iPhone 16 models are projected to have a camera layout resembling that of the iPhone 12. As a result, the lenses would arrange vertically, departing from the current diagonal arrangement.

Expected iPhone 16 Release and Prices

Based on prior experiences, the iPhone 16 is likely to hit the markets in September 2024. However, there’s a noteworthy consideration. Apple might, after a prolonged period, adjust prices upwards in the US market to offset increased production costs. This would inevitably pass them on to consumers.

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