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Diablo 4: All About the Midwinter Plague Event – Acquiring the Legendary Aspect of Twilight Shard

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Last Tuesday marked the inception of Diablo 4 seasonal Midwinter Plague Event. This occasion not only blankets all of Sanctuary in a pre-Christmas festive vibe but also heralds a slew of fresh content, notably the new legendary aspect titled Twilight Shard.

Should you wish to waste no time and swiftly lay claim to this, we’ll reveal the steps in detail shortly. Furthermore, we’ll recap the essential elements of the Midwinter Plague event itself.

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Diablo 4: Midwinter Plague Hits Sanctuary – What You Need to Know

Just a few days ago, the Midwinter Plague crept into Diablo 4. You have until the evening of January 2nd to revel in this seasonal event and immerse yourself thoroughly in Sanctuary over the festive holidays. Commence your Christmas adventure in the capital city of Kyovashad, located directly left of the waypoint, where you’ll encounter Gileon the Bard. He warns of the furious snowstorm and the terrors emerging from it.

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Gileon serves not only as the primary point of contact but also doubles as an event merchant, allowing you to exchange the momentarily available currency for various items. Of course, the Midwinter Plague takes place not only in the capital, but also around it. The Shattered Peaks in particular await you with the billy goat-like creatures that the Red Cloaked Terror< a i=15> comes after you. Speaking of which: This one hides in the deepest caves of the mountains and only shows itself if you destroy enough Frozen Shells and Plague monsters have brought around the corner.

Unveiling Diablo 4 Midwinter Plague Event & Twilight Shard (1)

Gileon gratefully accepts the collected Midwinter Evidence, offering coveted event items in return. You can amass these tokens by collecting various event-related materials:

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  • Plague Fragment: Dropped by Plague Fiends 300 Fragments = 1 Midwinter Proof
  • Lost Heirloom: Dropped by the Frozen Husks 30 Heirlooms = 1 Midwinter Proof
  • Red Cloaked Trophy: Dropped by the Red Cloak Terror 4 Trophies = 1 Midwinter Proof

Among the rewards lie gold, diverse equipment, cosmetics like back and mount trophies, and Gileon’s Brew – an especially helpful magical elixir that boosts your maximum health for half an hour and increases your critical hit chance and experience gain by 15 percent. And of course, there’s the new seasonal aspect: the Twilight Shard.

New Aspect Explained: Fastest Route to Acquiring the Twilight Shard

To obtain the new legendary aspect, the Twilight Shard, you need to amass a total of ten Midwinter Proofs. How you accomplish this is essentially up to you, yet there’s a method that might be favorable. But first, let’s delve into the details of the Twilight Shard’s effect:

During combat, you receive a buff called “Handle of the Night” as long as you have the Twilight Shard equipped. Sustaining this for 30 seconds blesses you with Twilight Haste, increasing your attack speed by 25 to 35 percent. Additionally, your movement speed rises by 20 percent. Once the Twilight Haste expires, the Handle of the Night buff returns, and the entire process begins anew.

Unveiling Diablo 4 Midwinter Plague Event & Twilight Shard (2)

As the 30-second time frame is quite lengthy, it’s in your interest to reduce it. Here, the so-called Midwinter Protection comes into play, lasting a full six minutes and reducing the cooldown between Grip of Night and Twilight Haste by a whole second whenever you slay an enemy. You obtain this protective spell from a specific totem in Kyovashad, right next to Gileon at the Midwinter Square. However, to acquire it, you must be on the third tier of your Midwinter Tribute Tier, which you increase simply by exchanging sufficient event materials for Midwinter Proofs beforehand.

Thanks to the new global event, the Plague Revelry, where countless Plague Fiends joyously celebrate an “extremely gruesome commemoration,” as described on Blizzard’s official page, obtaining the new Midwinter Plague currency should be a breeze. Especially considering that you’ll need to repurchase the Twilight Shard each time you wish to utilize it with a fresh equipment item, this offers you a relatively straightforward farming opportunity. For more general insights into Diablo 4 and its first expansion, Vessel of Hatred, stay tuned elsewhere.

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