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iPhone Hack Unveiled: TikTok Trick Saves Significant Time

Mastering an iPhone’s functionality is a breeze, easily achieved by most. Yet, there are tricks that streamline numerous actions, ultimately saving precious time. The majority of iPhone tricks are often found on TikTok, and this case is no exception.

Unveiling Lesser-Known iPhone Hacks

Every iPhone harbors hidden tricks, not all known to users, further simplifying an already user-friendly experience. From creating space on a cluttered iPhone to effortlessly editing screenshots via a simple manipulation, these hacks are game-changers. Even Apple executives occasionally step in to offer crucial advice, like avoiding lengthy software update waits. Today, we reveal another time-saving iPhone trick.

Unveiling the Time-Saving iPhone Trick

The majority of iPhone tricks are often found on TikTok, and this case is no exception. On the @howfinity account, TikToker TechTok shares incredibly useful tech tips. One such tip is poised to save you a considerable amount of time in your iPhone interactions. It revolves around selecting multiple images in a Google image search and seamlessly bundling them for sharing, perhaps via messaging.

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Mastering the Swift Sending of Multiple Images

While most are aware that images from a Google search can be selected by pressing and holding a finger, there’s more to it. Observant users will notice a small white-green plus sign appearing in the upper right corner of the chosen image.

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Here’s the kicker: as you hover the selected image over others, you can use your other hand to add more images through this plus sign. This allows for the simultaneous selection and retention of multiple images, which can be subsequently moved to different folders or apps. While one finger secures the images, your other hand can navigate your iPhone as usual. Brilliant, isn’t it?

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