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Huawei Clarifies Departure from Android with HarmonyOS Next

Huawei initially aimed to shift away from Android, introducing HarmonyOS Next as its independent operating system. However, this plan is not as straightforward as expected. Despite the company’s clear announcement, Huawei doesn’t intend to completely sever ties with Android.

Huawei’s Stay Connected with Android

While Huawei faces US restrictions, its performance isn’t significantly impacted, especially with the Mate 60 Pro equipped with its Kirin processor and Chinese 5G modem. Despite launching HarmonyOS Next, excluding Android as its base and Android app support, Huawei doesn’t plan to entirely abandon Android.

This departure from Android is only for China. In other markets, Huawei won’t offer HarmonyOS Next. Instead, it will continue EMUI with an Android base and support for related apps until users are ready to transition to HarmonyOS. EMUI will still lack Google apps and services, yet Android apps will function as usual.(CNMO)

The strategy remains unchanged: Huawei focuses on hardware and software in its home country, China. Development elsewhere will remain subdued until HarmonyOS gains traction without Google services, possibly in the future.

Massive Surge in Interest for New Huawei Phones

With phones like the Mate 60 Pro boasting no technical setbacks and featuring a 5G modem, interest has surged. In China, the wait for these smartphones extends up to three months, with Huawei struggling to meet the demand for these devices.

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