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New Details on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and a Video Summarizing the Plot of Final Fantasy VII Remake

Square Enix has unveiled details about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth focused on the secondary characters incorporated into the storyline and the innovations in the combat system. Additionally, the Japanese company has released a video summarizing the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Needless to say, the footage is full of revelations about the plot.

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In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, players will encounter different secondary characters throughout the adventure, and the five revealed today by Square Enix are:

  • Borden: The owner of an inn in Kalm, a village located on the outskirts of Midgar. Borden holds a grudge against Shindra and offers help to Cloud and company. His emaciated appearance seems to result from battling an unknown illness.
  • Rhonda: The mayor and sheriff of Under Junon. Once a thriving fishing village, it ceased to be so due to Shinra’s facilities. Despite Cloud and his friends being suspected terrorists, Rhonda allows them entry into the village.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Secondary characters, story and combat

  • Priscilla: A young resident of Under Junon. The construction of a Mako reactor offshore has polluted the waters. Priscilla fears for the safety of the dolphin she trains and other aquatic creatures.
  • Billy: Grandson of the owner of a chocobo ranch. This young man volunteers to teach Cloud and company how to ride chocobos.
  • Chloe: Billy’s younger sister. She manages a shop and sells crafting materials.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Combat Innovations

Regarding combat, one of the novelties in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is synchronized abilities, powerful attacks during which two characters form an alliance. The affinity between group members will be crucial, and executing this attack requires filling a meter. This installment also introduces synergistic abilities, a command executed after blocking an attack, allowing two group members to activate abilities without consuming ATB. Additionally, the presence of Kujata, a summon that debuted in the original Final Fantasy VII, has been confirmed.

Finally, there’s the promised video summarizing the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Besides being available on YouTube, this footage can be viewed in the main menu of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, set to be released on February 29, 2024, for PlayStation 5 as previously announced. The video is narrated by Red XIII.

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