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Launch Trailer of The Last Faith: A Blend of Metroidvania and Soulslike with Gothic Style

Playstack, the publisher, and the development team, Kumi Souls, have unveiled the launch trailer for The Last Faith. This game, a fusion of metroidvania and soulslike genres with a Gothic aesthetic, is now available. It comes in digital format for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam, GOG) at a price of 26.99 euros.

Storyline and Gameplay of The Last Faith

The Last Faith follows the tale of Eryk, a hero who awakens in the lands of Mythringal, devoid of memories of his recent past. He swiftly realizes that a spreading illness has transformed its inhabitants into beasts. Afflicted himself, Eryk races against time as his mind and consciousness deteriorate. His journey spans various environments, from snow-capped mountains to castles rendered in pixel art.

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Combat and Character Customization

Engaging in combat, Eryk utilizes an array of close combat weapons, arcane spells, and long-range firearms, allowing players to mold their character’s playstyle. As he levels up and gains access to new abilities, previously inaccessible areas open up, while weapons can be upgraded. Eryk harnesses the enigmatic power of Nycrux to enhance his attributes and triumph over foes.

The Last Faith: Interconnected World and Gameplay Mechanics

The Last Faith’s interconnected world allows players to return to Eryk’s mansion, acting as a base where weapons and spells can be upgraded. It also serves as an interaction hub with various NPCs encountered throughout the campaign.

Reception and Anticipation

The game has garnered an average rating exceeding 70 out of 100 from critics. Prospective players may have already sampled it through the demo available on Steam a few weeks back. Before its release, The Last Faith ranked among the most anticipated games on Valve’s platform.

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