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OpenAI “Pauses” New Subscriptions to ChatGPT Plus, The Reason Is Clear: They Can’t Keep Up

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The GPT creation option presented at DevDay has generated exceptional demand, prompting OpenAI to safeguard the user experience for current subscribers. ChatGPT continues to dominate, evidenced by breaking news: OpenAI officials have announced a “pause” on new subscriptions to their premium service, ChatGPT Plus, due to overwhelming demand.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, explained in a tweet that “the surge in usage post-DevDay has exceeded our capacity, and we want to make sure everyone has a great experience.”

However, Altman explained that individuals can sign up for an email list so that when subscriptions reopen, they can register for the paid service.

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A few days ago, OpenAI hosted its first major developer event, OpenAI DevDay, introducing significant improvements, notably GPT-4 Turbo and its promising new “app store,” the GPT Store.

This latest development is particularly powerful because it allows for the creation of customized GPTs to be leveraged in various fields. It’s now possible to easily create—without programming knowledge—a GPT for planning trips, one to act as a math tutor for our children, or another to analyze our website and assist with SEO, among many other purposes. Platforms like Twitter already showcase numerous users creating a wide array of GPTs for diverse purposes.

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Accessing this capability has thus become the new phenomenon within the already existing phenomenon that was ChatGPT, and the demand seems to have been so high that OpenAI has chosen to pause these new subscriptions to ensure current subscribers are not adversely affected. This decision comes days after ChatGPT was temporarily offline due to both high demand and a series of DDoS attacks.

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