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Sony Has Sold Over 46.6 Million Units Of The PS5

In the third quarter of this year, Sony sold more than 4.6 million PlayStation 5 units. In this sense, the device surpassed the same period last year by 1.6 million units. This number, in fact, brought the company’s total to 46.6 million units sold.

As reported by Reuters, the Japanese brand still needs to sell around 16.8 million consoles to reach its goal of delivering 25 million units this year. It’s worth noting that this would be a much higher number than the entire year of 2022, when the company had 19.1 million units sold.

Nevertheless, Sony’s president, Hiroki Totoki, appears quite confident and believes the company can easily achieve this number. In fact, the brand is anticipating a boost in PS5 sales during the upcoming holiday season.

Another important detail is that the company faced various problems in recent years due to a shortage of console components. However, they have recently stated that this issue has been resolved, and they are ready to meet the demand for their gaming console.

Sony: Game Sales

Regarding game titles, Sony recorded approximately 67.6 million games sold in the quarter, although only 4.7 were exclusive titles. However, in the next quarter, this number is expected to increase significantly, as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 sequel sold 5 million copies in its first 10 days on the market. Expectations are that it will outperform its predecessor, which sold 9 million units in 80 days.

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