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Worst Campaign, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Disappoints Fans

For several days now, pre-order customers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 have been able to play the shooter’s single-player mode. However, the campaign is not particularly well-received by fans. Some believe they can see what is fundamentally going wrong with COD.

The single-player campaign of Modern Warfare 3 seamlessly continues the events of its predecessor from 2022. COD’s iconic villain, Makarov, once again threatens the world, and Captain Price is back in action. However, unlike the original trilogy, the narrative doesn’t quite ignite. Fans criticize that the single-player part suffers under Activision’s focus on Warzone.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Campaign: Short and Uninspired

The most frequently mentioned point of criticism is the length of the campaign. While some claim to have finished the MW3 story in under three hours, on average it is said to be four to five hours of gameplay. (Source: Reddit). “Far too short,” say the fans. Compared to other CODs from recent years, the campaign is indeed only half as long as usual.

The new Open-Combat mission type also gives cause for criticism. Six out of the 14 chapters are composed of this type. In these, you are allowed to choose your own path to the objective in slightly larger open areas. Additionally, weapons and equipment can be found in every mission and unlocked for further attempts, including body armor, self-revive kits, and killstreaks. Essentially, it’s a Singleplayer-Warzone. For many fans, these missions are merely a lazy and uninspired reuse of Warzone content.

Open Combat campaign missions have to the laziest mission design I’ve ever seen.
byu/anonymousUTguy inModernWarfareIII

Warzone Appears to be the Issue

According to Reddit user D_ultimateplayer, Warzone seems to be the reason for the campaign criticized by fans. According to the post, the story part of MW3 completely lacks “passion” and consists solely of “Warzone assets.” The player accuses the developers of focusing solely on Warzone.

This is hands down the worst CoD campaign I’ve ever played and Warzone is 100% to blame
byu/D_ultimateplayer inModernWarfareIII

There were already doubts about MW3 in advance, as the game was originally conceived as DLC for its predecessor. The short campaign serves as confirmation for many. While the single-player mode has always been a smaller part of the overall package of a new COD, it was also considered a highlight due to its diverse missions and bombastic set pieces. The early release already shows a clear trend: Activision doesn’t shine in the solo part of Modern Warfare 3.

It will be interesting to see how the community reacts to the full release on November 10, 2023, and whether the multiplayer and zombie mode can still turn the verdict in a positive direction.

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