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Hidden Features in the OnePlus Open: A Flex Cam Option and Much More

The OnePlus Open has garnered significant attention with its impressive design and folding capabilities. However, some of them were not even mentioned by the company. The Redactor discovered and reported some of its hidden features on the OnePlus Open (via Android Domain) that leverage the advantage of having a hinge and enhance the user experience.

While the OnePlus Open may not have certain features like wireless charging and a solid IPX8 rating, it surprised its users with some extra features beyond what the company claims to offer. These modes include ‘tent mode,’ ‘clamshell mode,’ and ‘table mode.’ These features further solidify the position of the OnePlus Open as a powerful contender in the rapidly evolving foldable category. Not to mention that the OnePlus Open has secured a strong position alongside names like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Google Pixel Fold.

OnePlus Open

The AA staff confirmed that ‘tent mode’ is a functional feature, while ‘clamshell mode’ seemed to be at least somewhat more complicated to activate. It may simply require some experimentation or the feature may not have been implemented correctly yet. This might be why they didn’t talk much about these features at the launch. But it’s good to see some new ones that will likely receive the necessary polish at some point.

Discovering the Hidden Features of the OnePlus Open

Normally, if you’re watching a video on YouTube or Netflix on the external screen of a foldable and you open it slightly, the video playback will switch to the internal screen.

However, when you position the OnePlus Open like a tent (bottom image) on a surface or place it with the external screen supported on a table (clamshell mode), the phone’s sensors recognize this format. As a result, the video playback returns to the external screen. It allows you to go hands-free while enjoying your show. You can also adjust the angle of the screen by changing the angle of the hinge, thanks to the sturdy hinge of the OnePlus Open that remains in the semi-folded position. It does this at almost any angle you can use the phone.

Furthermore, the OnePlus Open offers a ‘table mode’ for specific apps, like the Camera app. By partially folding the phone and placing it on a table, users can capture easy selfies. The upper half of the external screen serves as the viewfinder, while the lower half provides convenient access to camera controls. However, this implementation is not entirely new. We’ve seen this feature on Samsung’s foldable under the name ‘FlexCam.’ Additionally, OnePlus’s Oxygen OS includes the Open Canvas feature, which provides a unique way to manage apps on the screen for multitasking on your foldable phone.

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