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Apple Watch 2024: Now Revealing Why It’s Worth the Wait

The Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 didn’t conceal any particularly big surprises, almost a bit boring. This could change next year, as reported by Bloomberg reporter and Apple insider Mark Gurman. He lists three reasons why waiting for the successors might be worthwhile.

Sometimes the experts don’t quite agree. It hasn’t been a month since Ming-Chi Kuo dashed the hopes of Apple customers. Those hoping for significant improvements next year in the successors to the Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 would be disappointed. None of that should be expected.

3 Reasons Why You Should Wait for the Apple Watch 2024

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg sees this very differently. In contrast to Kuo, he promises three important changes for the Apple Watch 2024 (Source: Bloomberg).


According to Gurman, it will finally be updated next year after a long time. The expert had already made corresponding remarks before. This could possibly be the “Apple Watch X,” which is intended to represent a fresh start in design.

Apple Watch 2024 a

Blood Pressure Measurement

Next year, the Apple Watch will also be capable of determining blood pressure for the first time. However, the sensors will initially not provide exact numbers, but only inform about the rise in blood pressure in a general way. Relevant incidents will be recorded in a sort of diary. In the future, the function of blood pressure measurement will be expanded to provide precise numbers and even diagnose related illnesses. However, this advanced capability is likely still far off and should not be expected anytime soon.

Sleep Apnea Detection

From Next year, the Apple Watch will also be able to detect the often unrecognized breathing disorder during sleep. According to Gurman, the smartwatch will estimate whether someone actually suffers from sleep apnea based on sleep and breathing patterns, and then, in specific cases, refer the users to a doctor.

No Longer on The Table for Next Year

Apple is known to be developing a method for non-invasive blood sugar measurement through the Watch. However, it is still several years away from being ready for production. In any case, not a topic for 2024.

Nevertheless, a revamped design, the first generation of blood pressure measurement, and the sleep apnea feature should keep Apple Watch customers in good spirits for now.

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