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Arkham Knight Adds and Then Removes Robert Pattinson’s Batman Suit

Some players showed on social media that Batman: Arkham Knight on the Epic Games Store received the suit that actor Robert Pattinson uses in the movie Batman (2022) last Thursday (26), and shortly after it was removed.

Fans were excited about the news, but the way the suit was added to the game was strange, as there was no announcement from Rocksteady or Warner Bros. Games. The fact that the game is eight years old and received a surprise DLC also makes the situation even more bizarre. Additionally, only the Epic Games Store version of the game received the suit.

This suggests that the suit was added prematurely, with Epic jumping the gun before an official announcement from the game’s developers.

It’s possible that the new suit will be officially released with Batman: Arkham Trilogy for Switch, which will be released on December 1st.

Currently, Arkham Knight features suits from other Batman movies, including Michael Keaton’s from the 1989 film, Christian Bale’s from The Dark Knight, and Ben Affleck’s from the movie Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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