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Samsung Galaxy A15 could be the first entry-level phone in the lineup with an OLED screen.

Samsung has a tradition of empowering its more affordable phones with features that were previously exclusive to the more advanced models. Some examples include cameras with optical stabilization and a design with IP68 protection. Now, new rumors suggest that the next advancement in the budget lineup like Galaxy A15, will be the use of OLED screens.

According to a report released by The Elec on Wednesday, the South Korean manufacturer is producing OLED technology panels for the Galaxy A15, which will be the brand’s next entry-level phone. These new pieces of information contradict a recent leak that suggested the reuse of the LCD screen from the Galaxy A14.

OLED technology is becoming increasingly mature and prevalent in the electronics industry. Once limited to specific sizes and products, today, these panels can be found in compact televisions, flat and curved monitors, tablets, and of course, mid-range and flagship smartphones.

If the rumors are accurate, the Galaxy A15 will be the first entry-level phone in the series to use an OLED screen, ensuring high contrast, and better color accuracy, and marking an important technological leap for the segment. In addition to improving display quality, this would also allow for a reduction in the thickness of the device’s front bezels.

It is speculated that the Galaxy A15 will come equipped with a 6.4-inch Full HD+ display and a 90 Hz refresh rate. In its 4G and 5G versions, it is expected that the model will be equipped with the MediaTek Helio G99 and the Samsung Exynos 1430 platforms, respectively, to avoid cannibalizing the sales of the Galaxy A25.

The expectation is that the Galaxy A15 will be announced in early 2024, possibly during CES 2024. Other releases scheduled for the next year include the Galaxy A35, Galaxy A55, and the flagship models of the Galaxy S24 family.

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