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Minecraft: Preview of the Next Big Update Introduces the Crafter

During the Minecraft Live event, Mojang Studios and Microsoft showcased more details about the next major free update for Minecraft, version 1.21, scheduled for 2024. On Wednesday, players enrolled in the game’s preview program were able to start testing one of these new 1.21 features in its early stage.

Both the Minecraft Preview build for Windows 10/11, Xbox, iOS, and Android can now test the new Crafter block, which purportedly automates item crafting in the game.

Minecraft Update: The Changelog Highlights the Following Changes

Added the Crafter block to the game.

The Crafter can be crafted using Redstone dust, iron ingots, a crafting table, and a dropper.

Crafter uses distinct particles when crafting.

The Crafter has distinct sounds for crafting and failure.

Explosion resistance is 3.5.

A comparator connected to a Crafter emits a signal equal to the amount of non-empty slots plus disabled slots.

Moving items into the Crafter from the Hopper or Dropper distributes them evenly instead of filling the first stack first.

Powering the Crafter with a Redstone signal causes it to craft and produce the item.

Minecraft Update, Crafter, Trial Chambers


In The Java Version of The Game, In Minecraft Snapshot 23w42a, The Changelog Describes:

Crafter is a new block that allows for item and block crafting via Redstone.

The Crafter will eject one crafted item at a time when powered by a new Redstone signal/pulse (not a continuous signal).

Upon receiving this new signal, the Crafter will eject the recipe result from the front face.

If the output result has multiple types of items, all result items will be ejected together.

The Crafter can be oriented in any direction when placed.

Details About Interface of The New Item:

The Crafter has an interactive 3×3 crafting grid.

The slots of the Crafter’s crafting grid are toggleable, meaning the player can change the behavior of a slot by clicking or pressing it with an empty hand.

A ‘toggled’ slot cannot contain any items and therefore cannot have items placed in it by other blocks like Hoppers and Droppers.

Unlike the Crafting Table, the Crafter displays a preview of the crafted item that will be created and ejected on the next Redstone pulse but cannot be manually removed by the player.

The UI of the Crafter is shared among all players interacting with the Crafter, meaning multiple players can interact with the Crafter at the same time, similar to chests and hoppers.

Other features expected in the next game update include procedurally generated underground structures called Trial Chambers, a copper lamp, and more.

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