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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Released and Already Running on PC Emulators

It’s still a few days before the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder on the Switch, scheduled for Friday 20 Oct, but the game is already being shared on ROM sites and can be played on both unlocked Switch consoles and PC emulators like Yuzu and Ryujinx.

The leak of the game and its compatibility with both emulators and unlocked consoles suggest that Nintendo did not implement the Denuvo anti-piracy technology in it, despite it being available for use on the Switch.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder PC Emulators Switch

In the case of emulators, Super Mario Bros. Wonder runs on Ryujinx without any necessary modifications, but it still experiences some hiccups due to shader loading and the emulator lacking specific optimization for the game. Aside from that, the emulation is flawless.

On Yuzu, a mod must be implemented in the game to allow it to boot and function, but it encounters more issues than when running on Ryujinx, with moments where the screen goes blank.

Finally, on unlocked Switch consoles, the game runs perfectly without any hindrances.

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