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Apple to Announce New iPads Later This Week, but Without M3 Chips

Almost by surprise, Apple is expected to make an announcement during the upcoming week. According to new rumors, the new iPads Air, Mini, and the 11th generation of the base model tablet are set to be announced on October 17th by the technology giant.

Without likely major changes in the design of the devices, the new versions of the tablets are expected to receive only hardware updates, gaining the latest versions of Apple’s chipsets and, in the case of the Mini, a small screen-related novelty.

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But that doesn’t mean we’ll already see Apple’s new M3 chips in the new devices. Everything indicates that Cupertino’s company’s new processor is expected to make its debut in the world of tablets only next year, with the arrival of a new generation of the acclaimed iPad Pros.

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Apple iPads Release Update

As a result, it’s expected that the iPads to be announced during the week will receive slightly more modest updates. In the case of the iPad Air, the arrival of the M2 chipset, and in the case of the iPad Mini and the 11th generation iPad, the A16 Bionic – the same one that powers iPhones 15 and 15 Plus.

The Mini model is also expected to receive a new display controller, mitigating the jelly effect seen in the current generation when scrolling the screen.

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Despite the news, Apple is not anticipated to host an event to unveil the new devices; this announcement is expected to be made exclusively through a press release.

An event like this, specifically focused on iPads, is projected to occur only in October of next year, coinciding with the probable launch of the new line of iPad Pros. These are expected to incorporate a new chipset and are anticipated to introduce a completely new OLED screen – a development that is still unprecedented.

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