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See How Pixel 8 Pro Handles Bend Test That Broke the New iPhone

Another new smartphone means another durability test by Zack Nelson, from the popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything (website). This time, it’s the recently released Pixel 8 Pro by Google facing the usual scratches, burns, and bends involved in Nelson’s challenging stress test.

“With Google promising seven years of updates, I hope their hardware can withstand seven years of use,” says the YouTuber at the beginning of the video, adding, “To find out, today we will inflict seven years’ worth of abuse.”

After the initial test, we can see that the screen is not as resilient as Apple’s Ceramic Shield, but it performs at the same level as most other devices with tempered glass. Next, Nelson’s stylus causes the kind of damage you would expect when a sharp blade encounters aluminum, and no, it’s not pretty. And when the naked flame meets the 6.7-inch screen of the Pixel 8 Pro, the flame wins.

Being the same size as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, whose rear glass recently shattered during Nelson’s bend test, and remembering how the Pixel 7 Pro suffered damage along the phone’s antenna lines in the same test last year, we were particularly interested in seeing how the Pixel 8 Pro handled some high-pressure folds.

It did very well. Although it creaked like an old tree swaying in a gale, the Pixel 8 Pro showed no signs of collapsing, and, encouragingly, the rear glass remained intact. Nelson also noted how the phone’s antenna lines lifted, suggesting that Google did something to strengthen that part of the device. Or that Nelson wasn’t exerting as much force on the phone.

Overall, however, we are pleased to report that the Pixel 8 Pro performed very well in Nelson’s durability test.

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