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Samsung Teams Up with Google in Campaign to Push Apple Towards RCS on iPhone

Samsung Joins Forces with Google in Campaign Urging Apple to Embrace RCS Standard on iPhone. Following Google’s Lead, the Korean Manufacturer Releases YouTube Ad to Persuade Cupertino Company.

In the video, Samsung draws inspiration from Romeo and Juliet, presenting an interface where two people engage in a text message conversation. Clearly, Juliet represents the iPhone in the metaphor, and her parents (Apple) are hesitant to adopt RCS. Romeo asks, “What did the green do to them? We’re bubbles too,” laments Android.

While the ad may seem a bit perplexing for those who no longer use SMS – as is the case of many countries, for instance – this campaign for Apple to adopt the RCS standard has been gaining traction in the United States.

Under the banner “Green bubbles and blue bubbles want to be together,” Samsung aims to encourage Apple to embrace RCS, so that messages sent from Android no longer bear a different coloration in the interface and can also enjoy features like emoji reactions.”

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