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Samsung Tests Combined Coil Antenna for Mobile Cooling, Rumor Suggests

For its biggest launch of the year, the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung has introduced new device cooling solutions. A new rumor suggests that the company is testing a “combined coil antenna.” Supposedly, it performs better than the copper plates and vapor chambers in current-generation smartphones and could also enhance the reliability of features in some premium models.

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Informant RGcloudS explained on X that the new solution extends not only to integrated wireless charging coils but can also be applied to UWB, Bluetooth, 5G, and Wi-Fi chips. One major hurdle for this measure is its high cost, but this could potentially be mitigated. Another issue is that manufacturers may not be able to implement fast charging, such as the 80W used by some Chinese brands. However, companies like Samsung and Apple, which do not exceed the 45W charge limit on their premium devices, could benefit from the alternative.

Samsung Coil Antenna Cooling

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It’s worth noting that Samsung rigorously tests its smartphones with various cooling solutions, so it’s also possible that they may stick to vapor chambers for the Galaxy S24 family instead of combined coil antennas.

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