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Huawei Registers Patent for Fever Alert via Wearable-Installed Thermometer

Huawei recently filed a patent with the CNIPA, the Chinese intellectual property agency, for a function called ‘Fever Alert’ via wearable – installed thermometer that utilizes data collected by the smartwatch to provide notifications about body temperature. The document was registered last Tuesday, October 3rd, but the application was made on March 23, 2022, with identification number 116846515.

Huawei Revolutionary Wearable Technology

The concept involves a wearable device – such as a smart band or smartwatch – with a thermometer at the bottom capable of periodically monitoring the user’s body temperature. The data would be sent to the app, and if there were signs of hypothermia or fever, an alert notification would be sent to the mobile phone.

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Current clinical thermometers do not have a memory function and are also not constantly connected to the body, making it impossible to record a temperature history every hour, for example. The leaked document shows a dedicated interface for this feature within the app but does not reveal many details.

Huawei’s idea faces a bodily challenge: the wrist area is not preferentially used for temperature measurement, as it is not as reliable. The most commonly used measurement methods in healthcare are axillary, oral, temporal, tympanic, and rectal, as well as forehead – in this latter case, with an infrared thermometer.

Huawei Fever Alert Wearable Thermometer
Schematic Image in Chinese

Future Prospects and Considerations

Huawei does not mention the development stage of this technology in the patent, so there is still no information on when it will be implemented in the brand’s wearables. This health feature would be a complement to the heart rate and blood oxygen saturation sensors, which also cannot be used as a form of diagnosis.

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Users interested in precise data should invest in specialized equipment for blood pressure measurement (such as digital sphygmomanometers) and heart rate/SpO2 (with reliable oximeters).”

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