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Very Rare Chrome Leopard Nintendo 64 Controller Discovered And Can Be Sold For Up To US$1,200

An incredibly rare Chrome Leopard Nintendo 64 controller, manufactured by Foxdata, has been unearthed in a gamer’s attic and is set to be auctioned for up to $1,200.

Chrome Leopard Nintendo 64 Controller Auction Details

The controller is scheduled to go up for sale at Hansons Auctions on October 17th, with an anticipated price range between US$850 and US$1,200. This exceptional piece is believed to be one of only approximately 200 such controllers worldwide.

Limited Edition Foxdata Collection

Foxdata released a series of N64 controllers exclusively in the UK during the late 1990s. This collection included the Chrome Leopard, along with other designs like Desert Storm, Red Rain, and Purple Forest. The complete collection can be viewed [here](Reddit link). Notably, Foxdata is thought to have produced a mere 800 controllers across these four designs.

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Personal Connection: Liam Cloudsdale’s Story

Liam Cloudsdale received this controller as a birthday gift in 1998, after being captivated by advertisements in Nintendo magazines. At the time, he was drawn to the official status and unique paint jobs of the controllers.

Chrome Leopard Nintendo 64 Controller
Liam Cloudsdale
Image Source: Hansons Auctioneers

Chrome Leopard Nintendo 64 Controller The Rediscovery

Years later, a friend informed Liam that a Foxdata controller had fetched a substantial sum at auction. This prompted Liam to recall that he had the controller stowed away in a box in his attic. Thankfully, the controller was well-preserved, and Liam is pleased to entrust it to a collector who will provide the necessary care and attention.

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