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Apple Pencil 3 with Magnetic Interchangeable Tips and Variable Sizes Rumors

If you own the first or second generation of the Apple Pencil, you may be aware that the tips of these two Apple Pencil models can be replaced when they wear out to the point of no longer functioning. However, the official replacement tips have limited functionality. Reports suggest that Apple is planning to release the Apple Pencil 3 with magnetic tips that are easily interchangeable tips. Most importantly, future accessories will offer a variety of tip sizes and thicknesses.

Different Sizes Available? Apple Pencil 3 to Adopt Magnetic Tips

According to a post by the well-known insider account Majin Bu, various tips for the Apple Pencil 3 will be available for tasks such as drawing, engineering drafting, and sketching. Majin Bu also shared an image that appears to be tips for the Pencil 3, showing three different sizes and thicknesses. These three tips can be attached to the Apple Pencil 3 magnetically.

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Availability and Compatibility

The post, however, does not specify whether these tips will be bundled with the Apple Pencil 3 or if they will need to be purchased separately. Based on Apple’s previous sales model, it is speculated that the Pencil 3 package will only include one type of tip. If users desire tips of other sizes, they will need to make an additional purchase.

As for compatibility with Apple Pencil, the Pencil 3 is likely to be compatible with all iPad models that support Apple Pencil, offering more creative possibilities for users who may not want to invest in an iPad Pro. However, Majin Bu did not mention when the Apple Pencil 3 is expected to be released. Nevertheless, the new OLED iPad is set to debut next year, and it is anticipated that the new accessories will be launched simultaneously.

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