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Xiaomi Mijia 3D Printer Emerges on Youpin: A Closer Look

Xiaomi’s Chinese sales and crowdfunding platform, Youpin, has unveiled a Xiaomi Mijia 3D, Resin printer. This brings forth a wealth of information all at once. Let’s delve deeper into this discovery.

Xiaomi’s Youpin Platform

In China, Xiaomi distributes a diverse range of both in-house and third-party products through the crowdfunding platform “Youpin.” Recently, a 3D printer has been spotted on this platform. Remarkably, it appears to be operating directly under one of Xiaomi’s sub-brands. Known for its various household products, from kettles to vacuum cleaners, Xiaomi markets a wide array of items under the “Mijia” brand. Now, it seems, they’ve extended their offerings to include 3D printers.

Overview of the Xiaomi Mijia 3D Printer

The Xiaomi Mijia 3D printer is a Resin Printer. This means it utilizes a bath of resin from which models are formed layer by layer through exposure. This type of 3D printer is renowned for its high precision and the ability to print even the tiniest details accurately. However, in the hobbyist realm, Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printers have become the standard. These are the 3D printers that deposit a strand of molten plastic to build models layer by layer.

Xiaomi Mijia 3D Printer Resin on Youpin

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Resin Printers primarily cater to individuals seeking highly detailed prints with impeccable aesthetics. For quickly producing functional parts, FDM printers are generally better suited.

Xiaomi Mijia 3D Printer Notable Features

Unfortunately, some crucial data about the Xiaomi Mijia printer is currently unavailable, such as its size and print volume. Nonetheless, let’s start with one of the most remarkable features of the printer. It combines two functions in one device. Not only can it print, but it can also cure the prints. This is a process that would typically require a separate curing station or extended exposure to sunlight with other printers.

Xiaomi Mijia 3D Printer Resin on Youpin

Furthermore, the printer incorporates an automatic material feed system. The resin required for printing is automatically pumped into the printer’s bath and then pumped out after printing. This eliminates the laborious step of manual refilling. Additionally, the website promotes a water-washable resin, rendering the otherwise time-consuming alcohol-based cleaning unnecessary.

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On the software front, they boast intelligent “AI features” designed to facilitate model slicing and adjustment of print settings based on the specific models. Xiaomi appears to rely on its own slicing software and a dedicated app for this purpose.

Evaluation of the Xiaomi 3D Printer

The debut of Xiaomi’s first 3D printer leaves me somewhat skeptical. I find myself lacking concrete information about the printer. However, considering what we already know: it has far exceeded its initial funding goal on Youpin, indicating substantial interest in this Resin Printer. Those interested can pre-order it now for approximately US$230 – in China, of course. When officially released, the printer is expected to be priced at around US$280. As for an international launch, we have no information yet. At this price point, the Xiaomi Mijia 3D printer would make a significant statement! The combination of a printer and curing station is impressive on paper, and the automatic resin feed system is equally noteworthy!

Xiaomi Mijia 3D Printer Resin on Youpin

If executed as promised, Xiaomi has a very intriguing concept on their hands. However, questions remain. It’s hard to believe that no one has thought of integrating curing lights directly into the printer before. Yet, how will this ensure uniform drying from all angles? Dedicated curing stations routinely rotate the curing prints for a reason.

In conclusion, the concept behind the Xiaomi Mijia 3D printer initially appears intriguing. However, before we can draw firmer conclusions, we need concrete data from Xiaomi’s end.

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