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OpenAI Introduces New Capabilities for ChatGPT Based on Real-Time Information

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OpenAI introduced several updates to its artificial intelligence chatbot, “ChatGPT,” at the beginning of the week on September 27th. One of the notable improvements is that the robot can now provide responses based on the latest information available on the web. This update is immediately accessible to “ChatGPT Plus” and “Enterprise” subscription users, while others will receive the new functionality a bit later.

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Open AI ChatGPT New Features: Voice Communication and Image-Based Queries

OpenAI has indicated that “ChatGPT” can now browse the internet and provide users with the most current information, along with direct links to sources. It is crucial to note that previously, the chatbot provided responses based on information no newer than 2021.

OpenAI ChatGPT

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In addition to responses based on real-time information, the chatbot has gained two more new functionalities. The first of these is voice communication, provided by a text-to-speech AI model capable of generating a voice similar to a human’s, based solely on text and a short speech sample. Additionally, the chatbot has acquired the ability to process image-based queries, which is useful in situations such as seeking advice on meal preparation or planning, by showing the robot the contents of a refrigerator.

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