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WhatsApp for now does not plan to show advertisements.

Last week, rumours circulated that “WhatsApp” is considering the possibility of starting to show advertisements in the application. The publication “Financial Times” reported that “Meta” is looking for ways to profit from “WhatsApp,” and one of them is to start showing ads in the chat section. However, it seems that these were just rumours that “WhatsApp” boss Will Cathcart has rejected, saying that the company does not plan to do anything like that.

Unlike its other services, “Meta” has not tried to pollute “WhatsApp” with ads, which is indeed commendable these days. However, the company is under pressure to find ways to profit from the messaging app. “Meta’s” advertising business has experienced a rapid decline in the past year amid macroeconomic uncertainty. Investors also express concerns about the company’s hefty spending on the metaverse project.

It should be noted that in July, “Meta” reported its first significant revenue growth since 2021. However, it must be acknowledged that the majority of these revenues came from the advertising business of “Facebook” and “Instagram“.

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