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Galaxy XR: glasses may have support to smells, screen of 3,000 ppi, RGB sensors, and more

The launch of the Galaxy XR may have been delayed by Samsung, but this did not prevent the prototype of the South Korean virtual reality glasses from being leaked with its specifications. Now more details of the device have been leaked by the leaker Revegnus (@Tech_Reve on X).

The informant says that the Galaxy XR will be inspired a lot by the Apple Vision Pro in some specifications, starting with the screen that should have 3,000 ppi of pixel density. For comparison, most cell phones have screens with 400 ppi, so the Galaxy XR could have the sharpest screens on the market.

However, this should not be the highlight of the Galaxy XR, as Revegnus says that Samsung is planning to add support for smell emulation on the device, which would make immersion in games and other content even greater. Unfortunately, the informant does not mention how this would be possible, but we cannot discard that Samsung will need to offer some differentiation if it wants to compete with Apple in this market that already has other competitors like HTC VIVE, Meta Quest, PlayStation VR, and many more.

Leaks have emerged revealing some details about Samsung’s Galaxy XR headset back in June 2023. In that regard, the Vision Pro’s rival had its appearance revealed through an image of a prototype, and with this, we could get a brief idea of the attributes equipped on the brand’s device. The circulating photo gave a good sample of the appearance of the South Korean product. It was possible to notice four sensors located at the corners of the outer part of the item that had the function of object tracking.

In addition, the headset had two RGB cameras to identify colours and a depth sensor. Samsung’s headset appeared not to use dedicated motion controllers, using manual inputs and eye tracking instead. Regarding the specifications, it was worth noting that the model would undergo revisions in order to compete with the Vision Pro from Apple.

Therefore, it was expected to be equipped with an Exynos 2200 chip. This component had already been heavily criticized due to overheating, so the question remained whether the problem had been solved to power the device’s firepower or not. The expectation was that the product would be based on Android.

At that time, with no estimated release date, it was speculated that the Samsung Galaxy XR would only hit the market in 2024, and it was possible that the specifications would be changed by then. Regarding the price, it was expected to be lower than that of the Vision Pro, with a price between $1,500 and $2,000.

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