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Nothing OS 2.0.3 Update an Enhancement for Nothing Phone (2)

Nothing is diligently working on its Android updates. Recently, Nothing provided Nothing Phone (1) with Nothing OS 2. Now, for Nothing Phone (2), they are releasing an update with a comprehensive changelog for the third consecutive month. The last update to Nothing OS 2.0.2 was just under a month ago and focused on camera improvements. Now, Nothing OS 2.0.3 is already in distribution.

Notable Changes in Nothing OS 2.0.3

The approximately 100 MB update brings relatively fewer extensive changes, but it includes more than just bug fixes. In this new version, Nothing introduces a compass widget. Additionally, it provides specific coordinates and altitude above sea level.

Nothing Phone 2
Source: Nothing

Enhanced Features for User Interaction Nothing Phone (2)

The smartphone now communicates through the user interface when in Pocket Mode. Nothing has made its Glyph Interface accessible to third parties to display progress (Glyph Progress) on the illuminated display on the back. While this may be less relevant here, in India, they are supporting a new delivery service, Zomato, for example. In the settings, there is a new option to assist with OTG incompatibilities.

Screen Recording and User Experience Improvements Nothing Phone (2)

Improvements have been made to the screen recorder, now supporting higher resolutions. Additionally, the animation speed when opening the app drawer has been adjusted. According to their own statements, they have also fine-tuned haptic feedback and NFC stability. After the update, Bluetooth connections should also be more stable in various scenarios..


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