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iPhone Ultra may feature a 3D camera for capturing images for Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro is set to launch only in early 2024, but sources from reputed handles indicate that a future version of the iPhone Ultra may have greater integration with the virtual reality glasses announced earlier this year than we initially thought. According to reports, the smartphone will have a new 3D camera that will enable significant innovations.

According to the source, the iPhone Ultra slated for release in 2024 is expected to have a new camera system that will allow it to capture images and perhaps even videos in 3D that can be viewed on the Apple Vision Pro. The idea is to revolutionize how smartphones are used to capture moments.

To achieve this, it is said that the smartphone would have a camera similar to that of the Vision Pro, which can accurately capture the space around it with depth data.

Apple Vision Pro
Source: Apple

It’s worth noting that this involves a higher level of mapping compared to the LiDAR scanner present in the iPhone 14 Pro, as it has limited capabilities compared to the one used in the Vision Pro. This will allow content creators to scan objects in full detail with an unprecedented level of detail in wearable devices.

The source mentions that the development of the iPhone Ultra is still in its early stages, so we should expect more updates on the progress of this technology in the coming months. However, Apple is certainly interested in these capabilities, as integrating Apple Vision features into iPhones will increase user interest in the glasses.

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