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Final Fantasy XVI Announces Two Paid DLCs and PC Version Update

Final Fantasy XVI was one of the biggest PS5 exclusives released this year, but as expected, the game will receive a PC version in the future, something that had already been mentioned by the title’s producers.

This week, during the Visions of Valisthea panel at PAX West 2023, Square Enix released a new message from producer Naoki Yoshida a.k.a Yoshi-P. During the panel, we received details about a free update for the base game, as well as the announcement of the development of two paid DLCs for the title, along with more information about the PC version.

According to Yoshida-san, following the positive response from fans to the release of Final Fantasy XVI on PS5, the developers are working on two paid DLCs and the PC version of the game. Yoshida said he hopes to be able to share more information about the progress of these projects before the end of this year.

The PC version may not be released exactly when the six-month temporary exclusivity on PS5 ends, but it may still be available on the platform before its first anniversary, which is in June.

Yoshida also announced the release of update 1.10 for the base game. This update adds the weapon transmogrification feature (you can change the appearance of the weapon to match the visual of any other sword you have available in your arsenal while retaining the attributes of the equipped weapon), as well as alternative outfits for Clive, Jill, Torgal, Ambrosia, and Joshua.

The new update also gifts players with the Onion Sword from Final Fantasy III. This item can be redeemed after reaching a certain point in the story through the Redeemable Items option in the System menu. The Onion Sword has the same stats as other DLC weapons in Final Fantasy XVI (the Blood Sword and Braveheart).

The following balance adjustments are also introduced with the new update, along with some bug fixes:

  • Reduces the time after a successful parry during which Eikonic abilities can be activated.
  • Increases the time that small enemies remain vulnerable to subsequent attacks after being launched into the air by the player, allowing for easier aerial combos.

For now, we must await the official release dates for the paid DLCs and the PC version, but it seems that Square Enix is genuinely excited about the fans’ response to the game.

Have you played Final Fantasy XVI? What are your thoughts on the game?”

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