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BeFake, Discover the Opposite App to BeReal

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Launched last year, BeReal is a social network that promotes radical honesty: users must post unedited, real-time photos, showing exactly what they are doing. Now, there’s an app with the opposite goal: BeFake wants people to post images of themselves created by artificial intelligence.

In other words, the idea is for you to become as artificial (and even exaggerated) as possible within BeFake. In this text, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this new social network that has been gaining users worldwide – and we’ll also analyze whether this app is secure.

What Is BeFake?

BeFake is an app created by Alias Technologies Inc studios, which encourages social exchanges through photos generated by artificial intelligence. The app’s description makes it clear: the idea is to explore the potential of AI to stimulate creativity.

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The app functions exactly like BeReal. At a certain time of the day, the user receives a notification telling them to activate the front and rear cameras of their smartphone to take a photo. However, unlike the other app, here you won’t display exactly what you’re doing. On the contrary, the proposal is to use the artificial intelligence generator to create something as wild as possible. This is made explicit in the app’s slogan: “Why be real when it’s fun to ‘be fake’?”

BeFake offers some ready-made prompts (commands for AI generation) in its settings, but you can also input your own. The real fun lies in encouraging you to come up with the most imaginative ways to alter and create your images. After taking a photo with your phone, you have 20 minutes to use AI to modify your photo before posting it on your feed on this social network.

Similar to the BeReal social network, in BeFake, the user has a feed separated by friends they follow and another for exploring unknown accounts. This provides an opportunity for you to draw inspiration from other users, enhance creativity, and even create a potential network of contacts. BeFake also allows you to use the network anonymously by posting your own photos without identifying yourself.

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Is BeFake Safe?

BeFake is an app created by a well-known developer, Alias Technologies, specializing in generative media and multimodal AI systems. It emerged from the merger of the gaming giant Machine Zone and AppLovin in 2020.

Image Source : PetaPixel

This means that BeFake has a reliable background in terms of its origin. Information about data collection is clearly stated in the app’s privacy policy. In this document, it is explained that when a user uses the company’s service, their data may be collected automatically, such as the type of mobile device used, IP address, operating system, and type of web browser.

If the user permits, BeFake may also access their contact list, location, images, and photo library. All these permissions can be revoked from the phone’s settings.

Key Differences Between BeFake and BeReal

Although they are similar, BeFake and BeReal have diametrically opposed propositions: one encourages the sharing of super-real content, while the other rides on the wave of extreme alterations by artificial intelligence.

Additionally, BeFake allows for anonymous posts, unlike BeReal – after all, it wouldn’t make sense for the “honesty” social network to offer an option for its users to hide their identities.

These are the basic points in a comparison between the two apps. But there are others. Unlike BeReal, BeFake has paid features, offering users various cool prompt options that can only be used by subscribers.

Those who pay for the app (which costs $2.99 per week, $9.99 per month, or $99.99 per year in the United States) enjoy several advantages: they can make delayed posts without penalty, view old photos of friends, and receive unlimited prompts for AI generation.

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