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Nintendo Switch 2 Leaks Reveal Final Fantasy VII Remake Like on a PS5

The Nintendo Switch 2 may make a significant hardware leap compared to its predecessor, the current Switch, originally released in 2017. Now, the informant, I’m A Hero Too, pointed out in a Reddit post that alleged dev kits, which are kits distributed to developers to familiarize themselves with the system and start preparing their games, are capable of running Final Fantasy VII Remake, much like a Playstation 5.

The console is expected to have backward compatibility and is set to come with new cartridges, as well as a new camera feature. The dev kits have reportedly been circulating for quite some time.

Nintendo Switch 2 and Final Fantasy VII Remake: Exciting Prospects and Updates

Square Enix’s game, released in 2020, is being considered as a launch title, and the port wouldn’t have taken long to develop. There’s a possibility that the next Nintendo console will have NVIDIA DLSS support, so the hardware should have no trouble running the game at 1080p with solid performance and then scaling it up to higher resolutions using the feature.

Nintendo Switch 2 Final Fantasy VII Remake 1
Image Source : Nintendo

Alongside information about the Switch 2, the leaker also provided some new details about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which will conclude by introducing a new protagonist for the third part of the remake project, providing continuity from where the original game left off. There are also details about the remake of Final Fantasy IX, planned for 2024 but potentially subject to delays.

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