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Call of Duty 2: All Rumors Till Reality

Call of Duty became more of a “chased game” in the audience since its precursor and caused the people to adhere to the gameplay. It was released and immediately reached the peak of stardom hence increasing the anticipation among people. Call of Duty 2 flourished the way of its upcoming sequels causing everyone to stick to it. It is considered a game that was acclaimed in such a short period of time.

A Sequel in Process

In 2005, Activision published Call of Duty 2, a second sequel to the original one. The game was developed by Infinity Ward, which became highly renowned. The game was released for Microsoft Windows in October 2005 and as a launch title for Xbox in November 2005.

It is beguiling that the Call of Duty developed by Infinity Ward was actually produced in juxtaposition with Call of Duty United Offensive originated by Grey Matter Studios. However, the Infinity Ward President Grant Collier quoted:

   “Our team at Infinity Ward is committed to thrusting gamers into the heat of battle like no other, taking players on a thrill ride of adrenaline that leaves everyone gasping for air. In Call of Duty 2, we are creating the most intense and realistic action game imaginable with a stunning visual atmosphere and advanced technology that delivers an unprecedented level of authenticity.

Call of Duty 2
Image Source : IMDB

Call of Duty 2 Campaigns

Soviet Campaign

Call of Duty starts off on the Eastern front with players controlling Private Vasillii Konsolov of the 13 Guard Rifle division primarily involved in the defense of Moscow Russia from invading German and Spanish troops. It occurred during the Battle of Stalinguard. Vasillii along with his comrades strives to clear Nazis out of the town by fighting street by street. The game ends with an epic defense of City Hall through defending exquisitely.

British Campaign

The second campaign was led by Sergeant John Davis, the 7th Armored Division. The campaign is lined with major assaults against Germans, with the objective of the ultimate destruction of Herman station along with a deadly assault on German troops. This chaos is followed by the Battle of El Amen and El Daba destroying the German field headquarters and causing the player to experience the hard journey of several trenches, machine gun nests and 88mm FLAC 36 guns. The returning characters include Captain Price who can be heard frequently bashing the orders. Causing the sergeants to complete the objective in the finest hour. With these hoes, the British campaign comes to its end.

American Campaign

The third campaign is played by Corporal Bill Taylor of the 2nd Range Battalion. The campaign instead of revisiting Normandy set out to explore the Battle of Point of Hulk with the aim of destroying the German artillery battery. It Is mapped out with high steep rock cliffs which are covered by heavy German -resistance with the objective of neutralizing the heavy equipment to make other D-day landings plausible. The players are forced to make frequent movements about the cliffs in order to tackle counter- offensive German attacks and seek reinforcement relief. This makes it a slightly longer campaign in comparison with others.

Call of Duty 2
Image Source : IMDB

Exhilarating Features

The game was developed in the IW engine 2.0 which was a modified version of ID tech 3, which was used in the original Call of Duty. The features of the game are highly prone to the recreation of classic movie scenes with realistic battlefields. They offer the player the experience of a first shooter game with exquisite visuals of blast smoke and weather effects. The use of binoculars accompanied by the appearance of a red blur screen whenever the player got injured gave a cinematic touch to the game.

Call of Duty
Image Source : IMDB

Health Generation

The interesting factor includes the reaming of health generation which is contradictory to the previous conventional health bar and its constant decrease hence an indication for the run of the health kits. Call of Duty 2 was featured with its “respawning”. The player as soon gets assaulted is required to take cover and restore his health which happens in a matter of seconds. This causes the consistent flow of the game without the need for the run from Valleyfield.

Call of Duty 2
Image Source : IMDB

The multiplayer features hit markers when landing shots on the enemy. Other noticeable changes include the use of smoke grenades to pass enemy checkpoints, the usage of opera glasses, and the assistance of friendly air strikes. The levels are designed with extensive settings and areas allowing the player to fight through different avenues and simultaneously offering multiple objectives in the same mission.

AI Enemy

The enemy is designed with an AI mind that pulls the same hard fight before dying even pulling out a knife for a counterattack. This gives the player an exquisite experience of fighting with an active enemy rather than in conventional settings and known assaults.

Call of Duty 2
Image Source : IMDB

Call of Duty 2 Applause and Acclaim

The PC version is more enhanced with 64 massive players’ competitive action. Hence providing the player with the best experience of the game ever. It was claimed asclassy and well produced” in its Xbox version considering it as the game including one of the vivid graphics in its picture. It received generally positive praise all across the globe. The graphics were more enhanced and visual, creating a realistic picturesque. It was called an “Improvement” by the Game Spot and Game Pro.

Douglas C Perry a member of IGN declared the game “unbelievable” for Xbox 360 version. Game Spy editor Will Tuttle said;

“ One of the finest FPSs ever created. Thanks to the combination of sharp visuals, teeth-rattling sound effects. and tricky enemy AI, you’ll be on the edge of your seat from the moment you’re dropped into the combat until your dying breath”

McNamara an IGN editor, grades the presentation with “excellent” and graphics with “smooth” adjective. Call of Duty 2 was named the seventh-best computer game of 2005 by Computer Game Magazine. It called it as the WWII’s best shooter game.

Call of Duty 2
Image Source : IMDB

Figures of Success – Call of Duty 2

The success in the record of figures was quite competitive. It sold 200,000 units in the very first week of its launch on Xbox 360. In 2006, it reached 1.4 million copies followed by a total of 5.9 million copies in 2013. Hence the graph always showed a curve towards consistent growth of the game.


Call of Duty 2 succeeded in the achievement of another milestone in the success of the glorious Saga. This solidified the basis of the upcoming version, hence navigating the audience toward their dimension. Intensifying the “appeal” in the public towards Call of Duty, it set out the bar high for future competitors.

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