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Google Messages Gets Satellite Support

Google has announced that Google Messages will have the capability to process messages and the user’s location in the future, even without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. This feat is achievable through the utilization of satellite links.

Initially, this feature will be accessible to devices equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon Satellite chips. These encompass the most recent models of Google Pixel smartphones, as well as other third-party devices.

For the satellite connection, Google Messages employs the Iridium satellite constellation, which extends global coverage. This empowers users to dispatch and receive messages even in distant locales.

Furthermore, this function can serve in emergencies, allowing users to forward messages to emergency services even when lacking a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Collaboration with Garmin

Based on code uncovered within the Messages app, it appears that Google is partnering with Garmin Response for this venture. Hailing from Texas, USA, the Garmin Response Team upholds a worldwide repository of local first responders. Garmin Response garners support in excess of 150 countries.

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