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Call of Duty Game: All Rumors From Reality

Call of Duty, one of the biggest sensations of the contemporary era, has now become quite eminent in the gaming world. With the blend of extraordinary enhancement and practical use of artificial intelligence, it has surpassed the basic pillars of fame and appreciation. It is also evident from its glorious success and award gain records that the professional players are prone to its playing and hence raising their standards in accordance with it.

With the dawn of the 21st century a novel version of every previous game theme was produced or either revised which exceedingly increased the competition among the competitors in their technological knowledge, their competent and smart mind was on the verge of testimony. And between all this chaos some of the games were launched in this world and outclassed every of its predecessor game.

Advent of Call of Duty

Medal of Honor as Inspiration

It was in early 2000 that Steven Spielberg, the American filmmaker had his mind transpired with the idea of some graphical designs and features. In order to give his idea in empirical form, he collaborated with Incorporated (known as 2015 Ink), a small PC game development studio in 2015. This franchise, well known for its high-quality FPS quack engine modes, formed the alliance, and in 2002, they launched the Medal of Honor.

This game not only proved prestigious at that time but was also engrossed with a fascinating theme of World War II. It was however inspired by Allied Assault as there was a vivid recreation featured in saving Private Ryan along with incredible mechanics like steady movements, combat, and illustrative design of the mission structures.

Call of Duty
Image Source : EA

However, some thrill happened when 20 developers left 250 Ink and started their own enterprise, Infinity Ward, hinged with their idea. They made a start on their novel project quite promptly and labeled it as a Medal of Honor killer in order to distinguish it from the antecedent.

Call of Duty
Image Source : EA

Infinity Ward was composed of 21 employees, possessing the tag of lead developers. The underlining information of any game is its engine and graphics and it was designed exquisitely with the idteck3 engine which was also used for the quack3 game Arena. It also included a new animation system called Ares.

An Illustration of Call of Duty

The storyline of Call of Duty was twined with an incredible storyline addressing the trilogy of campaigns. It made the game immersed with extreme interest. It consisted of three campaigns representing Americans, Britain, and the Soviets all laced with divergent stories.

Call of Duty
Image Source : IMDB


American Campaign

American campaign causes the player to land himself in the French land where he is surfaced as Private Martin. He is dropped behind the enemy colonies the night before the assault. All the fighters then gather up and after linking together they set out for eliminating the trucks and trenches of the hostile land.

British Campaign

The British campaign is more indulged in the picturesque graphics that were quite similar to the classic Medal of Honors. It had quite exquisite scenes of combatant positions about charging equipment and acquiring the entire battle scene. This however made the players bend more towards the visually designed graphics rather than to the campaign itself.

Soviet Campaign

In the end, came the Soviet campaign where the player is named Corporal Verona and is in direct combat. The campaign is revealed as the area in the eastern frontline where the player takes part in the battle of Stalingrad as a Soviet soldier. It is characterized by 10 sequences as the players need to push the Nazis out of Russian territory and ultimately capture the Reichstag.

Call of Duty
Image Source : IMDB

Realistic Gameplay and Innovative Features in Call of Duty Series

All the games of Call of Duty included an exploit story with quite realistic background according to the advancement of that era and it caused a high anticipation in public which was quite an achievement at such a naïve exposure in the gaming world.

The feature was noncomparable hence upgraded graphics standards among the contemporary era gaming world. Designed with realistic features it was a first-person shooter game with an option of the saved game, the compass for directions which was quite an advanced thing, and the novel feature was the appearance of blur vision accompanied by a red screen indicating that the player is injured or targeted or could be near any blast. There was also a prominent decrease in the health bar placed at the bottom of the screen. The battlefield was also shown with group fights against the foe team, including multiple players.

Artificial Intelligence as a Wedge

It also contained a superlative feature of artificial intelligence in it which negated the scripted games in the previous era. It was designed so that not only you are fighting but your opponent is also attacking which the player was unaware of. It was quite well explained by the lead animation director Michael Boom and lead designer Zeide Ricke who clarified that gameplay and modes were written in secrecy making it extremely interesting for players to make their own modifications to Call of Duty multiplayer.

The game was also composed of extensive maps and enlarged areas, the adversity of weapons and equipment, the pragmatic positions of the players such as crouching and jumping, the indication of health decrease and gain of the player, the firsthand experience of the players through AI against the cliché things, large scale battle, explosion smoke effect, a vehicle with debris along and whenever any combatant is killed, he is then respawned with a different name and produced in the Frontline.

Call of Duty
Image Source : IMDB

Call of Duty as a Recognition

Awards and Acclaim

After the renowned success and intense persuasion among the public for Call of Duty, it gained quite a good number of rewards and recognition too. It surpassed quite a few preceding tracks and earned a globally recognized title.

In 2003, Call of Duty made a significant impact in the gaming industry by winning several prestigious awards, including Game of the Year awarded by the Interactive Academy of Arts and Sciences. It also won the titles of Computer Game of the Year and Computer First-Person Action Game. Additionally, it was nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition and Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design.

This game received high praise from various magazines, including The Computer Games Magazine. The game was entitled the Novel World War 2 shooter games, hence raising the bars of expectations in the successor games. It was even ranked as the 6th best game of 2003. The editors of the computer gaming world claimed it was the clear winner without any competition.

IGN an American video game and entertainment media website rated the game on the mark of 9.3/10 with the reviewer DAN ADAMS quoting “You have to love the game that glues you to your seat and keeps you interesting……A thrilling piece of software that action fans should grab a hold of and love fiercely”.


The sales were also gigantic according to figures proclaimed as. Call of Duty sold 790,000 copies and earned about 29.6 million dollars by August 2006 in the United States and the United Kingdom it was followed by 95000 copies by the end of 2003. Call of Duty continued to soar by selling 4.5 million copies across the world by 2013.

Call of Duty
Image Source : IMDB

Concluding Thoughts

During the early years of the 21st century, Call of Duty made itself recognized as the most protuberant game with its glorious success globally. After being highly appreciated and encouraged the Game developers were determined to be more enhanced and advanced providing the audience with a most enlivening experience of games in the upcoming years.

In 2003, Call of Duty’s fame was a milestone that was achieved when it was highly acclaimed and acknowledged, notably being recognized as The Best Computer Game by Game Spot. This victorious applause and approval laid the foundation of Call of Duty Saga which proliferated in the ensuing years. With high achievements and leading publications, Call of Duty remained a Standard in the gaming world.

To be continued

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