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Sony Announces $200 Worth of Wireless Headphones Specifically Designed for PlayStation

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Sony has expanded the list of accessories for the PlayStation 5 gaming console with two new wireless headphones, Pulse Explore and Pulse Elite.

Pulse Explore will be small, in-ear wireless headphones, and Sony highlights the special feature of the new headphones, the PlayStation Link connection. This will ensure seamless audio and very low latency sound, which is crucial when enjoying video games. The debut of these new headphones is related to the official announcement of the PlayStation Portal device, which will be Sony’s wireless gaming console.

PS Wireless Headphones

PlayStation 5
Source: Sony

The small Pulse Explore wireless headphones will be relatively expensive, costing $199.99, placing them on the same shelf as high-end competitors. Of course, they will be designed in the PlayStation 5 color scheme, with a white cover and a black interior, as well as soft ear cushions. To use the PlayStation Link connection, an additional adapter will need to be attached to the PS5 console.

Meanwhile, in the PlayStation Portal device, it will be built-in. In addition, Pulse series wireless headphones can be connected via Bluetooth, allowing them to be used for phone calls while simultaneously listening to game music on the gaming console. The headphones will also be compatible with Windows and Mac computers. In any case, a stylish addition to Sony’s accessory lineup.

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