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Meta will provide greater control over content on “Instagram” and “Facebook” for European Users

The company “Meta” is actively working to ensure compliance with the European Union’s Digital Services Act. In connection with this, the company must also provide users with greater control over content on its platforms. “Meta” has already taken the first steps in this direction by allowing “Facebook” and “Instagram” users in Europe to view “Reels,” “Stories,” and “Search” streams in chronological order, without including content recommendation algorithms. Earlier TikTok does the same kind of policies for European users.

Nikkei Clegg, Meta’s Global Affairs President, informs that under the new arrangement, “Facebook” and “Instagram” users in Europe will have the option to view only the “Stories” and “Reels” of people they follow, and these posts will be arranged chronologically, from newest to oldest. In search results, users will only see content that matches the keywords they input, rather than personalized recommendations based on their platform activity. Clegg asserts that currently, more than 1,000 Meta employees are working on implementing these new rules.

It should be noted that “Instagram” and “Facebook” users can already choose to view content in chronological order and without algorithmic recommendations. Both platforms introduced this option in 2022.

It’s important to highlight that the EU Digital Services Act will significantly affect how technology companies regulate content on their platforms. Large platforms will be required to provide users with the option to opt out of receiving personalized content.

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