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The $199.99 Sony’s PlayStation Portal Launching Later This Year Will Allow PS5 Gaming over Wi-Fi But No Streaming

Sony’s PlayStation Portal is the latest innovation and was initially known as “Project Q.” Contrary to expectations of a next-gen handheld console, it is designed as a Wi-Fi streaming-only device that allows remote play of PlayStation 5 games. However, there are limitations that gamers should be aware of.

Wi-Fi Streaming with an 8-Inch LCD Screen

Priced at $200, the PlayStation Portal is described as a “remote player.” It includes all the features of a DualSense controller, complete with haptic triggers, but is paired with an 8-inch LCD screen. The display boasts a 60Hz refresh rate and 1080p resolution, delivering games at 60 frames per second.

Sony's PlayStation Portal
Source: Sony

To enjoy gaming on the PlayStation Portal, you’ll need to connect it to an existing PlayStation 5 through Wi-Fi or PlayStation Link. However, it’s important to note that the device won’t support PlayStation Plus Premium’s emerging cloud streaming capabilities. Users can remotely wake up their PlayStation 5 to access its content, but simultaneous usage with another PS5 and PSVR2 is not supported.

Sony’s PlayStation Portal Design and Connectivity

The PlayStation Portal is reportedly lighter than the Nintendo Switch. Instead of a traditional touchpad, it features two touch areas next to each joystick on the screen. Users can expect a low-latency streaming experience, though the quality may vary based on individual setups and network conditions.

One notable limitation is the lack of Bluetooth support, meaning you cannot use regular Bluetooth headphones with the device. Instead, the Portal uses PlayStation Link, Sony’s proprietary wireless audio technology. This limitation appears to promote Sony’s $150 Pulse Elite headset and $200 Pulse Explore earbuds, which offer AI-enhanced noise reduction and planar magnetic drivers.

Sony’s PlayStation Portal is designed primarily for game streaming from the PS5, offering a solution for situations where the TV is in use or for remote play. However, it doesn’t run apps locally. Everything is routed through the PS5, which could render the device useless in case of Wi-Fi network disruptions. Unlike some streaming-focused handhelds, it lacks the ability to run Android apps locally.

Sony’s PlayStation Portal Release and Pricing

The PlayStation Portal remote player is set to release later this year, with a price tag of $200 in the US, £200 in the UK, €220 in Europe, and 29,980 Yen in Japan. Gamers considering this device should weigh its benefits against its limitations before making a purchase decision.

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