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When will Nintendo Switch 2 be available? Rumors and Reality

A mysterious source has been actively sharing information about what they claim to be the Nintendo Switch 2, sometimes referred to as “Nintendo’s next system” or the “Nintendo Focus.” It remains uncertain whether this is the same individual posting on both Twitter and Reddit, but they persistently assert certain details about the upcoming console.

The Leaked Information

Accompanying these claims are images of the Home Menu for the supposed Switch successor. While these images have circulated on various online forums for some time, it’s highly unlikely that any of them are sourced from or affiliated with Nintendo Switch 2. Notably, the leaker has disclosed a release date of October 2024 and a price tag of US$429.99. Interestingly, this price matches a figure mentioned in a now-deleted Reddit post, which stated that US$429.99 was the cost of a premium edition “Nintendo Focus,” while a standard model would be priced at US$399.99.

Nintendo Switch 2
Source: Nintendo

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In an attempt to gain traction and credibility, the leaker tagged popular social platforms RGT 85 and OJ PlayerEssence in their alleged Nintendo Switch 2 leak, presumably hoping for coverage on these channels. However, these claims don’t align with statements made by Nintendo’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa, regarding the company’s hardware development.

Furukawa’s Insights

During an interview with NHK, Furukawa was asked about the Switch successor, to which he responded, “We are constantly developing various hardware, but I can’t say anything specific here.” He further explained Nintendo’s approach to technology, emphasizing that they focus on how new technology can transform the gaming experience for their customers, rather than blindly pursuing the latest advancements.

Nintendo Switch 2 Anticipated Release Date

Speculation about the release date of the Nintendo Switch 2 has been rife, with various sources providing different insights. One notable claim comes from a report by Chinese analyst MoneyDJ, suggesting a launch in the first quarter of 2024. The report notes that the Japanese gaming console is planning to introduce a new system early in the coming year. Another source, plastic-molding company Hongzhun Industry, reinforces this notion, stating that Nintendo plans to release the Switch in Q1 of the following year.

Amidst the rumors and leaks, one thing remains clear: the gaming world eagerly anticipates news from Nintendo about the next generation of their beloved console, the Nintendo Switch 2.

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