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Google Keep Introduces Version History: Track Changes Over Time

Google Keep, the note-taking app by Google, is finally catching up to a much-awaited feature – version history, a function, which could help you from having to manually rewrite any text that you might have deleted accidentally. With the version history function, Google Keep enables users to download a text file containing previous versions of their notes and lists.

How to Download Google Keep History

This is a basic feature, and it’s a bit puzzling that Google didn’t include it in Keep until now. Google has had similar features in its other apps, like Google Drive, for a long time. The way they’ve added this feature is also a bit strange. Instead of just tapping a button to see the history and easily go back to an older version of your note, you have to download a file and manually copy the old text into your note. It’s not the most user-friendly approach, but it’s a step in the right direction for Keep.

Unlike some other Google apps like Docs, which offer a seamless way to revert to previous versions with a simple tap, Google Keep’s implementation is a bit different. Users will need to download a file containing the previous version and manually copy the desired text back into their current notes.

Currently, version history is available only on the web version of Google Keep; it hasn’t made its way to the Android or iOS apps just yet. If you accidentally removed an image from a note, you won’t be able to recover it using this version history.

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