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Linux Devices Outperform Apple – Here is the Story

In the collected data of the Steam Hardware & Software Survey, it is evident that in July, Linux operating systems surpassed macOS, thereby securing the second position behind Windows. However, there is a small twist to this achievement, as the momentum for Linux has been fueled by the Steam Deck console.

Linux vs macOS on Steam Platform

The SteamOS version of the Steam Deck console accounts for a substantial 42% of all Linux users on the Steam platform. Windows maintains the majority with 96.21% of user devices, followed by various Linux distributions at 1.96%, while macOS versions collectively occupy only 1.84%.

The Steam Deck console has proven to be a significant success for Steam. It is projected that the number of Steam Deck consoles sold this year will reach at least 3 million units. Yet, this sales volume is notably distant from the Nintendo Switch, which has approached a staggering 130 million units sold.

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