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Apple Vigilantly Patches Vulnerable Threats in iOS 16.6, macOS 13.5, and iPadOS 16

Apple has once again focused on enhancing security rather than adding flashy utility features in its latest updates, iOS 16.6, macOS 13.5, and iPadOS 16.6. One of the significant vulnerabilities addressed is related to arbitrary code execution on webpages, which has been successfully patched. This is not the first time such a security issue has been resolved, as a similar bug was previously fixed through iOS 16.5.1 (c) and macOS Ventura 13.4.1 (c) Security Responses. Despite this, it is crucial for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to pay attention to the recent patches, as they encompass numerous security improvements. Apple highly recommends its users to download and update their devices.

Updating to iOS 16.6:

To install the updates, go to the Settings app on your compatible device, click on General > Software Update > Download and Install.

The discovery of this issue was initially done by  Valentin Pashkov, Georgy Kucherin, Leonid Bezvershenko, Mikhail Vinogradov, , and Boris Larin, who reported it to Kaspersky Labs. Apple expressed gratitude to the whole team for identifying the issues and helping Apple to fix it to avoid issues for end user.

Apple Focused Security Fixes for Find My and WebKit

Apple’s latest release emphasizes that the updates primarily focus on “important bug fixes and security updates.” It is anticipated to be the last update in the iOS 16.6.1 series, paving the way for the upcoming iOS 17 and the users might not have to be worried about these updates in the latest version.

The security fixes target various impotant functions on iPhones, including Find My, which handles sensitive information accessed by other apps, WebKit, Web Inspector, and more.

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