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What is Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun? Features, Specification, Price, and Availability

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Xiaomi on the eve of the summer season introduced Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun. The water gun has a number of interesting features. Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun is sure to make a splash among both kids and adults. This water toy is bringing a new level of excitement and exhilaration to your water.

Xiaomi Mija Pulse 2

Numerous brands around the world are launching exciting and interesting water blasters. These water guns have gaming modes, display screens, and USB connectivity. Xiaomi announced its first high-powered water gun Mijia Pulse Water Gun for children over the age of 14 years however it is also more than just exciting and awesome for adults.

Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun Features and Specification

Much similar to other Xiaomi products, The Mijia Pulse Water Gun is also launched with a minimalist design. The Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun weighs 5.9 lbs. and is 65.7cm long and 20.5cm high. The gun is white in color with some fragments and details in orange.

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The Mijia Pulse Water Gun has cool light effects making it a standout feature. With multiple light effects, the gun has 3 Types of shots i.e., single shot, multi-shot, and burst. The gun has a range up to 9 meters and automatic water absorbing time of about 10 – 15 seconds. The swift water reloading time saves precious time and ensures the you never run short of ammo during intense battles.

The Gun is equipped with dynamic lighting effects which flash in synchronization with shooting rhythms. The pulsating lights create a captivating and dazzling atmosphere adding an extra level of visual appeal making every burst a stirring experience.

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The Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun has a monochrome LED display showing the water level in the tank and the remaining battery level. The gun is powered by a 1800mAh battery that supports 10 W fast charging via a USB C port.


Water Gun Price and Availability

The water gun with its unique features and high-end technology will make a splash both among adults and Kids. Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun is available in China and other markets. In the global market Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun is available to order for $250 to $300.

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